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Fast and Easy Bathroom Organization

    Fast and Easy Bathroom Organization

    Bathroom organization can be fast and easy with these tips!

    When you open your bathroom cabinets, do things fall out? When you open a bathroom drawer, do makeup, Q-Tips, and toothpaste roll around together? Are there unsightly bottles on your bathroom countertop? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, read on for help with bathroom organization.

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    Fast and Easy Bathroom Organization

    Bathroom Organization Gone Awry

    Bathroom products tend to pile up pretty easily. One reason is that you see you are running low on something, so you pick up a new one at the store. Then you begin using the new one and never finish using the nearly empty one.

    Another is that you may read an article or see an ad in a magazine and think a certain product looks like one you want to try. So you buy it, use it a few times, figure out you don’t really like it, and just leave it in the cabinet indefinitely because you feel badly throwing it away, or you think maybe you will like it in a few months.

    A final reason clutter hits under the sink so easily is that it is just a tall, open space. It looks big, so you figure you can just put anything in there. Eventually, though, you end up with too much stuff, and it all begins to fall over onto other things.

    Organizing Your Bathroom

    1. Get Rid of What You Don’t Use

    The first rule of organizing anything is to get rid of what you do not use or do not like. Look in your cabinets and drawers, have your trash can handy, and toss whatever you know you will likely never use again. You could also give your discards to a neighbor or friend, but just be sure to unload it quickly.

    As you are going through things, look at expiration dates. Most makeup expires within a year or so, so let go of anything you have had more than a few months, that is dried out, or that smells “off.”

    2. Contain What You Keep

    Next, contain what you decide to keep. You can corral small things (like Q-Tips and cotton balls) into little clear Tupperware-sized containers, Ziploc bags or a drawer sorter. The drawer sorter is also wonderful for makeup.

    The drawer sorter

    Another idea is to get a plastic tote to keep your bigger bottles or cleaning supplies in.

    handy plastic tote

    Finally, a little wire or wooden shelf that sits on the bottom of your cabinet is great to double your organizing space. On top of the shelf, you can put things like a hair dryer, curling iron, or bigger bottles that won’t fall through the wires.

    handy wire shelf

    There are a lot of good organizational supplies for the bathroom out there to help give you ideas and get you started!

    Finally, keep like items together. Have all of your makeup together, cleaning supplies with each other, hair products together, and so on. That way everything will have a place, and it will be easier to find where to put it back when you are finished with it.

    3. Enjoy Your Organized Bathroom

    With the above things completed, you should have room now to put items from your countertop down below so you won’t have to look at them every day. It also makes for easier cleaning since you won’t have to pick things up to wipe underneath.

    You can also enjoy your organized bathroom by adding wonderful aromas to cover up not so lovely aromas. Essential oil diffusers are my favorite!

    You may also enjoy my post on laundry organization tips as well.

    Please post below your favorite bathroom organization tips, and share this post with someone who may find it useful!

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