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The doTERRA Monthly Promotion for November 2018 is amazing! Would you like 50 Free Product Points to spend on doTERRA essential oils? Now is your chance! When you sign up, you will be given 50 points for products of your choosing.

Who Can Cash In on This Deal?

When you sign up as a NEW Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer (not retail customer) with a 100 PV enrollment order from November 1 through November 30, 2018, you will receive 50 free product points.

November 2018 Promo - Healthy Living in Colorado

What Can I Spent My Points On?

You can choose more doTERRA essential oils, lotions, or home goods for yourself. Or you can give the extra FREE products away as Christmas or birthday gifts.

Here is a link to the current kits you can choose from as well if you prefer this option.

What Do I Do With My Oils?

I will help you get started! Oils are really fun and are so beneficial! They can help your skin and health. Also, you can use good quality oils in cooking. They are great and non-toxic for cleaning your house. Plus I can help you get started with your products or even selling them online if you have a blog.

I have a doTERRA Certified Site, so I am ready to help you with whatever you need!

If you are new to essential oils, this article can help you.

More Details About doTERRA Monthly Promotion for November 2018

PV is not always equal to the cost of an order. Before completing an order, you must verify that the enrollment order is at least 100 PV. Please message me for more details to be sure you have 100 PV.

Let’s Shop

Are you ready to have a look around my shop? Please check it out here, and message me at if you have any questions! Please share with a friend who may be interested.

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