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A twisted ankle is always no fun, but with these 6 simple, helpful tricks you can be back on your feet in a matter of hours!

The Twisted Ankle Story

About two weeks ago my daughter, Rachel, twisted her ankle by stepping on her foot incorrectly and twisted it. She managed to scoot off to the side of the playground, but couldn’t stand or walk. Her younger sister, Elizabeth, came and got me. I was inside helping with the check-in process for a homeschool co-op we go to.

This happened early in the day, and I had to be there from 7:30am-1pm. Rachel twisted her ankle around 8:30am, so she was stuck there with me all morning. One of her friends carried her inside and another  friend stayed with her all morning while she laid on a sofa elevating her ankle with ice on it. I gave her some Arnica tablets for pain, but that was all I had with me at that time. She was given crutches and as soon as we got home I put some helichrysum and Deep Blue essential oil on it and had her do the steps to RICE. Read on for details!

(We didn’t have to see a doctor for this, but you may need to see a doctor for your twisted ankle. This is not meant to answer every issue with a sprained or twisted ankle. I considered taking her to the doctor, but ended up not needing to take her.)

What I Did to Help

Once we got home, Rachel was in great pain and didn’t want to move, so I had her set up camp on the sofa and do the following:


As many people know, RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. We didn’t have anything to wrap her ankle in, so we didn’t do the Compression part, but we did everything else. For Rest, she stayed on the sofa all day and watched “Monkey Kingdom” by Disney Nature while Elevating her foot on two pillows with Ice. It hurt her to put direct ice on it, so we put a towel between the ice and her ankle. Hence, RICE.


Arnica is a natural pain reliever that has two wonderful forms and are both easy to use. This has really helped relieve pain for our family for many things such as sunburns, back pain and apparently, twisted ankles.

Arnica isn’t those yucky pills or syrups you have to take. It is little ball-like, sugar tasting pills that you place under your tongue and wait for them to dissolve. I keep a little Arnica bottle in my purse for such an occasion like twisted ankles.

Arnica is also in gel form that you can apply to the sore spot. We have both and they help so much!

Epsom Salt Baths

Epsom salt baths are a great chance to relax. Rachel didn’t sleep well when her ankle hurt, but the bath is a time where your ankle (being in the water) doesn’t hurt as much, and she fell asleep for a few minutes in the relaxing tub. Epsom salt also pulls toxins out of your body, and the hot water loosens up your tight muscles. You can just use Epsom salt if that’s all you have, but essential oils help a lot too. So I added 1-2 drops of each: Helichrysum, Deep Blue, Lavender, and Peppermint to help soothe pain.


We used to take turmeric in a pill form so it takes away from the strong taste of the spice. (If you use it in cooking, make sure you use black pepper because without it, the turmeric will not be absorbed by your body as well.) Now we take turmeric in essential oil form because it is absorbed so much better by the body. Turmeric helped to relieve the pain an   d inflammation in her ankle.

Helichrysum Essential Oil

Helichrysum essential oil has been helpful in many cases and this time was no exception. I applied it to her skin and let it sit. It may feel oily, but the pain in this case went down.


Quercetin is a newer find in our family, but I also gave this to Rachel. It is supposed to help with inflammation as well as pain. If you would like to read more about the amazing benefits of Quercetin, you can read this.

For More Help

A great website for added help is NourishDoc.com. They have many natural remedies like acupuncture and other solutions we did not try. You can get a wellness plan just for you, and you can read case studies listed on their site. Please check this out if you need more information.


Having a twisted ankle bothered Rachel because she wasn’t able to do simple tasks, but now she is feeling better and able to walk. She still isn’t fully able to run or do stairs, but she can now do those simple tasks she wan’t able to do before.

I’m so glad she’s feeling better, and that we have so many natural remedies to help our family when things like this happen. For this article, I used all these methods and asked her along the way how each of them were working, so she helped me write this by providing answers I never would have gotten if I hadn’t asked.

Comment below to let me know what works best for your twisted ankle problems. And please don’t forget to share this helpful information with your friends.


Treat a twisted ankle - Healthy Living in Colorado

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