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Turmeric essential oil doTERRA released in Fall 2018 is my new favorite essential oil! It has immunity boosting properties and can help your face glow.

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turmeric essential oil

My Favorite New Oil

Out of all the new items doTERRA just released, turmeric essential oil is my personal favorite.

I had an ongoing cough for a month after an illness. Trying every natural remedy I knew to try to get rid of it, nothing worked. Garlic, honey, tea, lemon, other essential oils, etc. I had even taken turmeric powder capsules.

Then I thought I should try turmeric essential oil doTERRA just came out with because it’s wonderful for so many things! And I thought I remembered seeing it in the past in natural remedy recipes for coughs. So I put 2 drops in a veggie capsule one evening and again the next morning. Within about 16 hours from my first dose, the cough was gone.

This product is still very new, so I can’t promise this will work for you. Or again for me. But I know it worked at least once, and that made me really happy.

Turmeric Essential Oil is More Potent Than Powder

In general, liquids are more potent to your body and enter the bloodstream faster than solids. That’s one reason why soda is extra bad for you. Sugar is obviously not healthy, but a sugary drink hits your body harder as a liquid than a candy bar does.

Because of this, turmeric essential oil is more quickly absorbed by your body. It does not have to be broken down like a powder. So it’s really effective.

Other Ways to Use Turmeric Essential Oil doTERRA

Turmeric Primary Benefits - Healthy Living in Colorado

Turmeric essential oil does so many things. Let’s take a look at its benefits and how it can help you and your family.

  • Strengthens immune system
  • Promotes feelings of positivity
  • Reduces the appearance of blemishes
  • Gives you an overall glow
  • Tastes great added to meals
  • Helps with healthy circulation
  • Antioxidant support

You can diffuse turmeric essential oil doTERRA for a warm, spicy, earthy, and woody scent to uplift mood. You may apply topically, especially to your face. And you may take internally for the above health benefits. If you’re newer to oils, you may find Essential Oils for Beginners a helpful resource.

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