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going Gluten Free Beneficial

Is Going Gluten Free Beneficial?

    I have seen through my own experience, and the experiences of friends and colleagues, that adopting a gluten free lifestyle can result in huge, life changing, health experiences.

    Great Way to Feel Better

    A Great Way to Feel Better

      Within about 2 minutes the pain went away. I was shocked. I remember thinking, “No way, did those oils just help my head!”

      Chocolate Toothpaste recipe

      Healthy Chocolate Toothpaste Recipe

        Is there really a healthy, chocolate toothpaste recipe? Why yes… yes there is! My husband and I have been using this chocolate toothpaste for a while now.

        Healthy First Aid for Wounds

        Healthy First Aid for Wounds

          Making your own treatment for simple wounds is really easy and healing to the skin. Here is what wound healing ointment I make for my family.