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7 Healthy and Low-Maintenance Houseplants

    Healthy and Low-Maintenance Houseplants

    Houseplants can be hard to take care of, but with this list you can find the perfect, easy houseplant with health benefits for your home!

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    Healthy and Low-Maintenance Houseplant

    I have had quite the history with trying to keep my houseplants alive and have failed every single time, except for now. I used to have a peace lily, but then our family moved to Colorado. When we moved here, one of the first things I wanted to get to decorate the house was an easy houseplant -a peace lily.

    It is still alive because they are one of the plants that are low-maintenance and don’t need too much attention. Plus, my husband has flower allergies, but he’s not allergic to peace lilies.

    Read on for other plants (like peace lilies) that have both health benefits and aren’t likely to die on you. Just click the highlights to see them on Amazon!

    The Perfect, Easy Houseplant for You

    There are so many easy houseplants out there, so where should you start? Which one is perfect for you?

    Aloe Plant Healthy Living in Colorado Easy Houseplants


    Aloe is a great, easy houseplant for a busy person. If where you live is humid, this plant may not be for you because you have to water it daily. But if you live somewhere dry (like Colorado) you only have to water it twice a week. Super easy, right? This plant comes in many sizes and was ranked #1 by NASA for cleaning the air. Aloe also has many health benefits for your skin, gums, and stomach. But as a small, desk houseplant you can just sit back and enjoy this cute little plant. If you want more information on aloe vera care, check this out.

    Succulents Healthy Living in Colorado Easy Houseplants


    Succulents are cute, little and easy houseplants that help you breathe, focus and aid recovery. They also work as air purifiers. Succulents should be watered about once a week on the soil and make sure it’s nice and wet. I killed a couple of succulents when we lived in China. It seems they aren’t the best at cooperating when it comes to watering. Nonetheless, they don’t need to be watered often and look great in almost any home!

    Peace Lily Healthy Living in Colorado

    Peace Lily

    Peace Lilies are one of my favorite plants. They are gorgeous and come in an assortment of colors like purple, pink and white. Our house has a peace lily with white flowers. Peace lilies can grow around 24 in-40in. They need to be re-potted once or twice a year (we just did that) and don’t prefer direct sunlight. Peace lilies work as a great air purifier and look beautiful with their non-elaborate flowers. Want to know more? Look here.

    Basil Houseplant Healthy Living in Colorado


    Herbs can look nice in your kitchen as an edible decoration or add a splash of color to your house. These easy houseplants come in a vast array of flavors and looks. Herbs are also a fun way to get your kids to eat their veggies. I mean who doesn’t want to pick their own food then eat it?

    Lavender Healthy Living in Colorado


    Lavender is a purple-flowered plant. It is most known for its calming effects and its amazing smell. There are many fun things you can do with lavender. You can put some petals in your tea, add some to sweet treats, or put some in your pillowcase to help you sleep. With lavender, the options are endless. If you want more options for what to do with your lavender, check this out.

    Boston Fern Healthy Living in Colorado Easy Houseplants

    Boston Fern

    The Boston fern was ranked #5 by NASA for detoxing the air. They’re also very easy to take care of if you know how to. When you’re watering your fern, water it from the bottom (so have it in a small pool of water), not the top. I also killed one of these by watering it incorrectly. Boston ferns also prefer direct sunlight, so make sure it’s somewhere near a window or a light that is typically on.

    Pothos Healthy Living in Colorado Easy Houseplants


    If you are looking for a great plant to try to kill and fail, you’ve come to the right spot! Pothos are really hard to kill, no matter what you do. They’re also known to clean the air as well. They can survive in low light and cold temperatures. Want to know more? Look here!

    You may also like my article on health benefits of nature as you look to bring the outdoors in. And this article from 12 Experts Give Their Best Health Advice is also great.

    After writing this article, I now want more houseplants (that are easy) to spice up our home. I might get around to it one day, but for now please comment below to share your favorite easy houseplant! And don’t forget to share with a friend, Pin it, and follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

    Healthy and Low-Maintenance Houseplant

    12 thoughts on “7 Healthy and Low-Maintenance Houseplants”

    1. I love having plants in the house, and this post just gave me some new ideas! We have lavender growing outside, but I never thought of trying it inside. One of my favorite houseplants is English ivy. I have a pot of it in my bedroom, and it’s such a low maintenance plant.

      1. Thank you for the comment! I need a plant mentor to help me know what and how to grow successfully, haha! Draining pots, soil, pH, how much water… I don’t know. But if I think this list is easy, it probably really is!!

    2. Oh I love this!
      I am a house plant hobbyist but I’m really a serial plant murderer!
      I kill ALL THE SUCCULENTS! After YEARS of buying (and killing) many many plants, I have kept my aloe and a money palm alive for a couple of years.
      Whatever you do, do not get a calathea if you’re looking for easy. They’re so pretty but hard to keep alive! Someone told me that I needed to mist it with water 3 times a day… that’s a pet, not a plant! Haha

    3. I have to agree that Aloe is a very low maintenance plant that looks great and you can use it for so many skin care products. Herbs are great, but you need to water them regularly and they are not always as perfect looking as aloe.

    4. Super good tips! I can grow a massive vegetable garden, but man I struggle to keep houseplants alive! I’ve killed so many baby succulents… in fact, you just reminded me that I haven’t watered the lone survivor in a couple months 😬 Thanks for the tips!

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