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A lifestyle of health is important to so many people, and there are lots of different ways to pursue this goal. Here you can get advice from the experts about their best healthy tips!

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I believe there is great value in learning from others and their journeys. So this week I wanted to let you learn from some other people who take their healthy lifestyle seriously. Below are articles from other bloggers. The articles are divided by diet, exercise, and general health tips.

If you like the topic I’ve included, please click over and read the full article. You won’t regret it as you find new ideas to help you adventure toward a healthy lifestyle!

Diet for Health

Low Carb vs Keto - What's the difference for weight loss?

from “Low Carb vs Keto: Is there a difference for weight loss?”

Many people are interested in the Keto diet these days. What’s the difference between low carb and Keto? For weight loss and other health issues? Read more information here.

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7 Gut-Friendly Foods You Should Be Eating

from “7 Gut-Friendly Foods You Should Be Eating”

Our guts are so important to our overall health. I’ve even heard the gut called our “second brain” from many experts. Here you can learn about 7 things we should all be eating regularly for gut health. One example is coconut oil which is great to cook with!

Exercise for Health

Fitness Motivation Tips

from “26 Fitness Motivation Tips to Help Get You Active”

Here are practical tips to get you motivated to exercise. Things like “buy workout clothes.” So simple, but so helpful!

Easy Steps For A Healthier You

from “Easy Steps For A Healthier You”

Walking is something most of us do daily, and it’s also something that can help us if we look for opportunities to walk more. It’s one of the best and easiest ways to help our bodies! Read here for easy ideas.

General Health Tips

25 Ways to Use Less Plastic

from “25 Ways to Use Less Plastic”

Most of us know by now that plastic is bad for our health and for the environment. Here are good tips for using less plastic every day.

Health Hacks from the Great Depression Era

from “9 Health Hacks from the Great Depression”

Here is an article about things you probably have around the house like onions and baking soda that you can use for your health.

How to Deal With Digital Eye Strain

from “How to Deal With Digital Eye Strain from the Computer”

Here are some easy to tips for eye health. This is great for those of us on the computer all day!

4 Thing You NEED to Know About Magnesium Oil

from “Benefits of Magnesium Oil”

Magnesium has so many benefits which are often overlooked. This is a great list of why we could all use more magnesium and how to get it in our systems.

How to Build a Portable Infrared Sauna For Detoxification and Healing

from “How to Build a Portable Infrared Sauna for Detox and Healing”

Did you know that an infrared sauna could help you detox and heal? This is a pretty awesome idea actually, especially for those of us who really focus on our liver health.


from “How to Stay Positive During the Gloomy Winter Months”

Winter is almost here. Cabin fever, cold, and snow can cause our attitudes to be… not so healthy. Here are some practical ideas to stay positive this winter.

Morning Rituals to Vitalize Your Day; follow Thoughtful Neighbor

from “7 Morning Rituals That Will Transform Your Day”

Our mindsets and routines are really important to our overall health. Read here for good insights about starting your day off right.

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Best Bedroom Plants Drawings of Houseplants

from “Best Bedroom Plants for Better Sleep”

Houseplants help with many things like filtering toxins and increasing oxygen. Read here for good ideas about which plants are the best for health.

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