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laundry organization

Laundry Organization for Families

Laundry issues is a common theme for my clients that I help them get a handle on. Here are some tips to help with laundry organization.

Sleep Better Naturally

Sleep Better Naturally Tonight!

It is possible to sleep better without medicine. I have long struggled to get a good night's sleep. Here are some natural solutions that work well for me.

Help Prevent a Cold Naturally

How to Help Prevent a Cold Naturally

It's possible to help prevent a cold naturally! Here's how I avoided four colds last winter. Maybe these things can help you too!

Our Team

Our family enjoys working together on projects like this blog, homeschooling, and traveling.

Allison - writer / editor

I have been on the amazing health adventure for many years starting when we lived in California from 2010-2013. We were in a community where health was emphasized, and I really began to understand the importance of overall health. I want my family and me to be as healthy as we can through diet, exercise and nature. Our lives are short, and I want mine to count. I want to be alive to see my grandkids and great grandkids.


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Great Way to Feel Better

A Great Way to Feel Better

Within about 2 minutes the pain went away. I was shocked. I remember thinking, "No way, did those oils just help my head!"

7 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated

7 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated

Motivation is hard, but with these few tricks you can go from wanting to crawl back into bed to being excited about what the day holds.

How to Express Love to Your Child

How to Express Love to Your Child

Our children are a blessing, and it's easy to let time with them roll by without being intentional. We sometimes forget to discover who they are becoming as they grow up. The Five Love Languages quiz is a great tool to help us learn more about our children.

Purge Opportunities

Take Advantage of Life’s Opportunities to Purge

It's all too easy to gather too much stuff in our homes as the years roll by. But thankfully life gives us natural opportunities to let go of things we don’t need or want anymore. Here are some tips to help you take advantage of life's opportunities to purge.

Keeping Our Kids Active

Keeping Our Kids Active

The Kids Obstacle Challenge was near Denver, so we drove up there to enjoy the morning as a family and get some exercise. This challenge is made specifically for children ages 5-16, so most anyone could do it. 

Obstacle Challenge-bg

The Obstacle Challenge

The Denver Subaru Kids Obstacle Challenge on Saturday, July 7th and Sunday, July 8th will be held at Philip S. Miller Park in Castle Rock, CO.