What to Wear Skiing to keep warm
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Are you planning a snow skiing trip? Read here to find out the best ski clothes and ski equipment you will need. You can look good and stay warm in the process!

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What to Wear Skiing to keep warm

Ski Packing List

Are you wondering what to pack for a ski trip? There’s so much to think about… ski layers, finding the warmest ski jacket, and the warmest ski socks. You need a skiing checklist so you don’t forget anything. You’ve found it!

When considering ski attire, many people wonder what to wear under ski pants. That’s where our list starts. The base layer, or long underwear, should be non-cotton. Look for fabric that keeps you dry so you can stay warmer. Wool and synthetic blends are getting really good these days compared to old style long johns.

There is also a lot of ski gear to bring along. This ski equipment list includes all you need to get: necessary ski stuff, proper ski outfit to stay warm, and what to bring on a ski trip. Here is a great list of ski essentials to get you off to the slopes in no time!

If you want to see more information about certain ski wear, just click the word on the list! I have found the best ski clothes, and winter clothes in general, to be at REI. They have the best brands with great features to keep you comfortable. I may earn a small commission for any sales from this post at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting this site!

Ski Clothes

Ski Equipment List
what you need for skiing


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So are you ready to go skiing now? I hope this ski trip packing list is useful to you. Whether this is your first time skiing or your 10th, having this ski packing list will make your trip easier to plan for!

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