Unique RV Rental in Colorado
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Are you planning on camping in Colorado soon? There are tons of unique camper rental opportunities here! Everything from motor home rentals to an RV trailer rental is in Colorado. Have a look!

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Unique RV Rental in Colorado

My family and I love camping, RV’ing, hiking, driving in the mountains, and just generally being in nature. That’s actually the main reason why we decided to move to Colorado.

We lived in an RV for a while and have taken camping trips all over the US and a little bit into Canada. The kids love being outside, staying up late, and roasting S’mores.  My husband and I enjoy the break from work and our regular routine, and in turn pursuing a sense of adventure.

Are you ready to get started looking for some unique Colorado rentals with good RV rental prices? Let’s have a look!

RV Rental – Denver

There is a lot of great selection for an RV rental in Colorado. You can easily find a luxury RV rental, a class B RV rental, or even a pop up camper rental near Denver. Here I want to highlight some of my favorite RV’s for rent in Denver, CO. If you are interested in learning more about one or more of them, just click the link and you’ll see pictures, details, and RV rental rates.

These are owned by individuals (who live in the area), so they take good care of them.

Unique RVs in Colorado - Amblo
One of my favorite camper rentals in Denver area is called the Ambo. It's a Class B remodeled ambulance! How clever! It sleeps 3, has a kitchenette, and a new sound system. Click here to read details about The Ambo.
Unique RVs in Colorado - Buttercup

Another really fun Colorado camper van is the Buttercup. It’s an uncommon 1980 VW van. And my favorite feature is the yellow flower on the steering wheel! It sleeps 4 and gets great gas mileage. Check out this special little RV van rental here!

Unique RVs in Colorado - WinnieDrop
Another functional and cute option is this travel trailer rental near Denver. You need a vehicle to tow it with, but it is agile enough to handle the mountain roads. Plus it has a TV, heater, kitchen, etc.
Unique RVs in Colorado - Overland Yeti

My final pick for Denver camping is this! Can we just pause a minute and think about how awesome and creative people are? Mind blown. Ok so this RV Denver rental is amazing! The 2017 Toyota Tacoma Overland Yeti build sleeps 3 and is perfect for Colorado backcountry. It also has a stove and outside shower for a tiny bit of comfort. Yes, please!

RV Rental – Colorado Springs

Alright… so let’s move on to camper rental in Colorado Springs. If you want to RV Colorado, there’s so much great selection here too!

Unique RVs in Colorado - Vintage Trailer
For trailer rental, Colorado Springs has this beauty! This 2018 Vintage Trailer is so fun and great for off-roading. There's a little kitchen and sleeps 2. You'll need a vehicle to tow it. Who's in?
Unique RVs in Colorado - Glamper

This next RV camper rental is a step up from a tent, and a step down from a full-blown camper. It’s really functional and surprisingly spacious! The Glamper with Toy Hauler gets the job done, sleeping 4. It also comes with a folding table, chairs, 2 dirt bikes, kitchenette, heat, A/C, etc. Have a look at this perfect small RV rental!

Unique RVs in Colorado - Bunkhouse
Another really fun Colorado camper rental in the Colorado Springs area is this new 2018 Cherokee Bunkhouse. I like this one because it sleeps 9 and is like a house on wheels! It's beautiful and really has everything you would need for a family vacation or a couple of families even. This RV rental cost is reasonable for all that you get with it.

RV Rental – Grand Junction, CO

If you are interested in touring around the western slope of the Rockies, Grand Junction, Colorado may be a good place for you to get a motorhome rental. There is definitely going to be more selection for motorhome rental in Denver or Colorado Springs. But there are a few good options in Grand Junction as well.

Unique RVs in Colorado - Georgetown
For those of you who like to travel in style with a big Class A RV Rental, this 2009 Forest River Georgetown is for you. This one has a beautiful kitchen, bathroom, and plenty of space. It sleeps 6 with nice seating.

Search For Your Own Unique RV Rental in Colorado

Helpful Resources

Do you need a hotel near an airport or on your travels? There are several hotels right by the Denver airport along Tower Road. And there are a few hotels near the Colorado Springs airport along Powers Blvd. Hotels.com is a really easy to use website which has no cancellation fee. You can request landmarks nearby like an airport, price range you want, breakfast, etc.

RV Park Reviews is a helpful website you may enjoy. They list campgrounds, ratings, price point, and have a wonderful forum to ask questions of other campers. I’ve used this site quite a bit and found it easy to use with great information.

A couple of articles I’ve written about Colorado and camping are here:

Do you have a difficult time sleeping in the outdoors or in an RV? You may also find this helpful:

CBD Oil or edibles. This is one item that has helped me sleep! It contains <0.3 percent THC (below the federal limit), so it doesn’t cause any feelings of getting “high.” It just helps you relax! There’s also regular lavender essential oil which works well, too. Here’s an article I wrote about sleep that you may be interested in.

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