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Great Way to Feel Better

A Great Way to Feel Better

Within about 2 minutes the pain went away. I was shocked. I remember thinking, “No way, did those oils just help my head!”

7 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated

7 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated

Staying motivated is hard, but these few tricks can get you from wanting to crawl back into bed to being excited about the day.

Chocolate Toothpaste recipe

Healthy Chocolate Toothpaste Recipe

Is there really a healthy, chocolate toothpaste recipe? Why yes… yes there is! My husband and I have been using this chocolate toothpaste for a while now.

MCT oil benefits

6 Benefits of MCT Oil

MCT Oil is a healthy, beneficial, and easy ingredient to add to meals. There are many benefits, but caution is needed – too much can lead to disaster pants.

Water filter

Our Favorite Water Filter

We’ve tried many ways to filter water, and the Berkey makes the healthiest and most delicious water we have had. It’s by far our favorite water filter.

benefits and uses of activated charcoal

Activated Charcoal Uses and Benefits

Activated charcoal has so many fantastic uses and benefits in your home, for your stomach, and when you travel. We always have it on hand and so should you.