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GF Beneficial

Is Going Gluten Free Beneficial?

I have seen through my own experience, and the experiences of friends and colleagues, that adopting a gluten free lifestyle can result in huge, life changing, health experiences.

7 Healthy Snacks for Kids

7 Surprisingly Healthy Snacks for Kids

The easiest way to get your kids eating healthier is to take the things they are already familiar with and make them healthier. For your next snack time, try these simple switches!

DIY All Natural Face Cleanser

Super Easy DIY All Natural Face Cleanser

Traditional face cleansers are loaded with endocrine disruptors and dry my skin out too much. So I started making coconut oil based cleansers. Here’s the one I like best!

Herbs to Nourish the Body

Herbs to Nourish the Body

Today people are deficient in health due to poor diet or poor absorption to the body. Here are 3 nourishing herbs that can boast the minerals in your body.

Water filter

Our Favorite Water Filter

We’ve tried many ways to filter water, and the Berkey makes the healthiest and most delicious water we have had. It’s by far our favorite water filter.