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How to Make Your Own Super Easy and Healthy Hand Sanitizer

    make your own healthy hand sanitizer

    You can make your own healthy hand sanitizer that helps to kill germs and keep sickness away!

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    how to make your own hand sanitizer

    Hand sanitizer stations have become so common in many stores, play areas, offices, and hospitals. We want to stay healthy and not get germs that can make us sick. However traditional hand sanitizer comes with a lot of risks.

    Dangers of Hand Sanitizer

    Using traditional sanitizer can actually increase the skin’s absorption of BPA, a chemical used to make plastic. BPA can affect our bodies in different ways such as disrupting the endocrine system, can contribute to cancer, heart disease, infertility and even diabetes. You can read more about the dangers of commercial hand sanitizer here.

    Also using hand sanitizer can build resistance to bacteria, actually causing the spread of “super bugs” instead of stopping them.

    Studies in Environmental Health Perspectives journal also show that children who are exposed to traditional sanitizer have an increased chance of getting seasonal allergies. It affects their immune systems making it more difficult to fend off allergens.

    So why do people continue to use traditional hand sanitizer? It’s fast and easy.

    Well our family and many others who are concerned for our health are looking for alternative ways to kill germs that is also fast, easy, and can be available when water is not. We make our own hand sanitizer, and you can too! It’s inexpensive and easy. You can even make it with your kids. I hope you find this recipe helpful and healthy!

    DIY Hand Sanitizer


    1. Combine all ingredients together and mix.
    2. Transfer ingredients into a glass or squeeze bottle. You can double the recipe if you want to make more.
    You can get more ideas about how to make your own healthy remedies here.

    You may enjoy reading my article on how I have used natural ingredients to help prevent colds from coming on. And this DIY hand sanitizer recipe was one of the things I used to help keep me well. If you are new to essential oils, this article is super helpful!

    If you have questions about essential oils, you can feel free to email me.

    Please post your thoughts and comments below with any healthy germ killing recipes you enjoy. And don’t forget to share on Pinterest or with a friend.

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