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Natural Pain Relief - Healthy Living in Colorado


If you watch the news at all, you have no doubt heard about the opioid crisis in America. The stats are alarming, and just one of them is that in 2016 – every day! – 116 people died from overdose. That’s over 42,000 people IN ONE YEAR. WOW! I think we can all agree there must be a better way.

My Journey With Pain

Although I don’t have all the answers, I am no stranger to pain. At age 12 I had metal rods placed in my back due to scoliosis. They still cause me pain frequently, especially as I get older. At age 25 I had my gall bladder removed. That was painful and has caused other problems along the way. I have had 2 children and 2 very painful pregnancies because of the metal rods in my back. I have had ongoing knee pain for 10 years.

So I totally understand pain. But I also understand that prescriptions are hard on people’s bodies and come with side effects. I am not saying these solutions listed here will work for everyone, but I can say that they have worked for me and many other people. Let’s have a look at some natural pain relief and see if you might find something that works for you too.

5 Helps for Natural Pain Relief

1. Arnica

Arnica is a little yellow flower that has been used for centuries to help with sore muscles, bruises, and to help speed recovery from surgery. It comes in two forms –  tiny little pills that taste like sugar or a gel that you can rub on the affected area. It has been wonderful for my back and knee pain.

2. Helichrysum

Helichrysum essential oil is a beneficial pain reliever I have used for a long time now, especially for my knee. I always take it hiking with me just in case my knee acts up. And it has always helped me the times I have needed it. Helichrysum is an antioxidant, an antibacterial, an anti-fungal and an anti-inflammatory, so it can help with many things including acne, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, and many other conditions. I use it in essential oil form mixed with a carrier oil like jojoba and just keep it with me most of the time.  Helichrysum can also be put in a diffuser, added to a bath, or taken in pill form, although I have never used it in this way.

3. Bone Broth and Collagen

I use bone broth and collagen for joint discomfort, and for me at least, it works better the longer you use it. For the broth, I make 1-2 chickens in our crock pot every week, eat the meat, then put the bones back in the crock pot for about 20 hours to simmer in water to make broth. You can read more about how I make my bone broth here. For collagen, I put one scoop in my coffee every morning. I have tried different ones, and the best one in terms of taste and efficacy is Dr. Axe’s Multi Collagen.  It has helped my joints, but has also helped my acne as a nice side effect!

4. Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is inexpensive and easy to find, and who doesn’t love a nice warm bath when they have aches and pains? I add 5-6 drops lavender and/or peppermint essential oil to my Epsom baths to ease pain. The magnesium draws out toxins, so you need to be in the bath at least 20 minutes for it to work its magic.

Epsom Salt

5. Hot and Cold

Using heat or cold to ease pain is the old standby, and is often effective especially if you keep with it. I prefer heat because I hate being cold, but if I can deal with it (wuss that I am) the best advice that I use is to do a combo of heat/cold therapy. Start with 1 minute cold, 3 minutes hot, 1 minute cold, 3 minutes hot, 1 minute cold, 3 minutes hot, and finish with 1 minute cold.  These are my favorites that I have used over the past few years. This cold pack and heating pad work well.

Comment below to let me know what forms of natural pain relief works best for you! And please don’t forget to share this helpful information on Pinterest or with your friends.

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