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The holiday season is coming up and you want to get your son(s) Christmas gifts, right? We know that Christmas shopping can take a lot of time, so we wanted to help you out and put together a list of great Christmas gifts for boys ages 5-13.

The girls’ list is here. I hope you enjoy them both!
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I have sorted the list into two groups – age, toy or not –  to help you find the perfect Christmas gift for your little boy this holiday season.

Christmas Gifts for Ages 5-7

*** Toys ***

Walkie Talkies

Light-Up Tracing Pad

Kids Adventure Pack

*** Non-Toys ***


Light-Up Dinosaur Night-Light

“Mistakes That Worked” Book


First 4 Books of the Magical Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne

Christmas Gifts for Ages 8-13

*** Toys ***


Cuboid Cube

Lego Ninjago

Bey Blades

Nerf Guns

*** Non-Toys ***

Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag

Smack It!

Super Mario Bros

Just Dance Kids

I hope you enjoy these gift ideas. Please feel free to share with a friend or on Pinterest so others can have a look.

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