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Color Code Your Way to Organization

    Color code

    Why would you color code your way to organization? Because it is beautiful and easier to find what you want!

    With flowers blooming all around bursting with color, I was inspired to write this month about how to color code just about anything. This can help you get (and stay) organized. Read the below list, and try out what works best for you!

    Linens Organizational Tips

    • If towels end up on the floor frequently but you don’t know who the culprit is, assign one color towel per person in your household. The next time you see a misplaced towel, you will know who it belongs to. Also, no more mix-ups when getting out of the tub!
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    • Dark towels work best for children and wiping off your pets’ paws because they camouflage dirt.
    • Separate laundryas you go with one basket for whites, another for darks. No more wasting time sorting over the washing machine!
    beautiful laundry basket

    Clothes Organizational Tips

    • Hang each child’s clothes on a different color hanger so that clothes in the wrong place will stand out. And if your kids share a closet, paint the clothes rod two different colors so they will know where their half of the space begins and ends.
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    Color Code Paper Organizational Tips

    • When you record checks in your checkbook that are tax related, write it in red ink so it will pop out at tax time.
    • Color code your files. For example, file bills to be paid in red folders, paid bills in green, and medical forms in blue. An alternative is that you could designate a certain color for each family member. Medical records and school information could be filed according to person with this system.
    • If you have papers that frequently need to be dealt with according to the day of the week, make a color coded file system with each day in a different color. If you don’t get to an item in Monday’s purple folder, move it to Tuesday’s blue folder.
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