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How to Organize Lawn Supplies

    how to organize lawn supplies

    Here’s how to organize lawn supplies with these easy tips. Then have fun working in your yard!

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    how to organize lawn supplies

    Organize Lawn Supplies

    As we all know, spring and summer are great times to be outside and get some work done in your yard. I so enjoy the warmer weather and the opportunity to get out after being trapped in the house over the winter months. One of the things I enjoy doing outside is working in the yard. But sometimes finding motivation is difficult for certain tasks when we can’t find the right tools we need. So we are going to look briefly at how to organize lawn supplies for the coming months.

    1. Hang Long Handled Tools

    Some of the tools you use most include long items with sticks for handles (rake, shovel, broom…). These can easily cause clutter when not stored properly. And they can also be a nuisance when you reach for one, then 3 others hit the floor since they were tangled up with each other. A great way to get these up off the floor and keep them all together is to hang a rack on your wall in the garage made specifically for such items. You can get these racks at home improvement stores, Wal-Mart, organization stores, etc. This one thing will really neaten up your work area.

    2. Shelve Smaller Lawn Tools

    Secondly, consider shelving to keep all of your smaller lawn tools together. The shelving could be attached to the wall or freestanding. Some ideas of what would belong on the shelves are pruners, hand shovels, pots, work gloves, small bags of dirt or seed, etc. You can organize the things on the shelves by the function of items (such as tools together, seed and soil together, etc.). Or you could categorize by height of items if some shelves are higher than others.

    3. Make a List of Everything You Need

    Finally to help get you started with your outdoor equipment, it is important to think through what you will need when you need it. Make a list of all the things you know you need to get started, and make one trip to the store. Think it through for a few days to make sure you put everything on paper you may need to save needless trips back to the store on the day you plan on doing yard work.

    4. Buy Only What You Need

    Along the same lines, don’t over buy stock, and try to only buy things when you will need them soon. For example, mulch and dirt bags take up lots of space in your garage, so don’t buy an entire summer’s supply at the same time. Just buy what you will need for your first project or two. And don’t just buy several bags because they are on sale. Again, it will take up needless space in your garage and leave more room for your car. Read about having an organized car here.

    I hope you find the above tips helpful to get you off to a great start in your yard this season! Please post below with your favorite tips to organize your lawn supplies. And don’t forget to share with a friend!

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