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It’s all too easy to gather too much stuff in our homes as the years roll by. But thankfully life gives us natural opportunities to let go of things we don’t need or want anymore. Here are some tips to help you take advantage of life’s opportunities to purge.

Take Advantage of Life’s Opportunities to Purge

Moving… or Pretending to Move

My family just moved, which is nothing new for us. We have moved every 2-3 years of our 21 year marriage, so we have it down to a science. Relocating is a great way for us purge and only hold on to the bare essentials.

Obviously, when you move it is a wonderful opportunity to look at your belongings in a new light. For example, you may have gotten accustomed to the clothes hanging in your closet that you haven’t worn in two years in your current home, but when you are forced to move them to another house, maybe you realize it’s not worth keeping them because it is just too much hassle to move them so they can hang for 2 more years untouched in your new home.

Even if you are not moving this summer, choose one area in your house, like your kitchen or linen closet, and pretend you are moving. Get rid of anything you rarely use and would not want to pack for a move. This is a good way to prevent clutter. And you’ll probably even find some things you forgot you had!

Company is Coming!

A good time to purge is when company is coming over. Whether for dinner or for a weekend, use others being in your home as incentive to get rid of junk. Don’t just stuff your things in a back bedroom, but actually sort through your items and determine what you should toss and what you should keep. When you decide to keep things, put them back in their place, not just wherever you shove them to keep company from seeing it.

Giving Back

Another time you can purge easily is if you hear of a favorite charity collecting items to raise money, use this as an opportunity to help them. You may not have money to donate, but finding things around your home that are no longer useful to you can really help the charity raise funds.

Are Your Kids Moving to a New Stage?

Finally, use your kids moving through life stages to help you declutter. When you first have a baby, you likely need to clear out a room to make space for a nursery. Don’t just move everything from one room to another. Think through what you will really need, especially now that your time will be divided once children enter the picture.

As your kids grow, use the change of seasons to inspire you to let go of clothes that you know your child won’t wear anymore because they have outgrown it and can’t wear it the same time next year. As Christmas or birthdays roll around, use that time to help your kids donate toys they don’t play with anymore to make room for new ones. And when your children are old enough to move out of your house, encourage them to donate items they don’t want to take with them (clothes, CD’s, furniture…).

Life gives us many opportunities to clear up our clutter if we will take advantage of them! You may also be interested in closet organization or kitchen organization.

What are some good opportunities you have taken advantage of to purge? Please comment below and share with a friend!

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