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Simple Ways to Organize a Baby Nursery

    Organize A Baby Nursery

    How to organize a baby nursery? This can be a challenge since babies need so much stuff. Let’s get started!

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    Baby Nursery Organization

    Simple Ways to Organize a Baby Nursery

    Babies come with so much stuff! There are toys, clothes, furniture, etc. Without good organization, a child’s belongings can easily overrun your home before he/she is even born. With this in mind, remember that you don’t need everything baby stores sell.

    To help with your thoughts on how to organize a baby nursery, ask mom friends you know if they have some things you could borrow. Borrowing costs less, and when you are done with something (like clothes), you can return it to the lender, thus saving space in the long run.

    Also ask other parents to have a look around their baby’s nursery. Then ask them what is really needed and what is unnecessary especially if you are a first time mom. Start building from the basics, and then get some optional items if money and space are no object.

    Some of the basics I used include:

    • Crib, sheets, and waterproof pad
    • Laundry hamper
    • Chair/glider with an end table nearby
    • Place to change diapers (either on a changing table or plan for the floor)
    • Drawers (for clothes, burp cloths, diapers, and wipes). They can be wood, plastic, or fabric drawers. But they don’t need to be too large since baby clothes are so small. Organize clothes by size.
    wood, plastic, or fabric drawers
    • Shelves or cubbies (for toys, blankets)
    • Good closet shelving that grows with your child.
    • Baskets or clear storage containers can be most helpful for organizing smaller items like medicine, socks, shoes, hats, etc.
    clear storage containers
    • Diaper bag with lots of compartments for easier organizing
    • Toiletries (nail clippers, body wash/shampoo, and many hospitals will provide an aspirator and thermometer)
    • Infant bath tub, towel, and washcloths
    • Medicine like diaper cream
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    • Bottles, nipples, formula, and pacifiers
    • Infant carrier, car seat, and stroller.

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    Babies’ items take up a lot of space, and need to be in many rooms of the house (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom), but with some thought and organization, their stuff doesn’t have to be in your way. Dedicate one kitchen cabinet to baby items, or give them a shelf in your linen closet. Keep their things handy, yet separate, from your things. And just remember… they are definitely worth the effort!

    Please comment below with your favorite ways to organize a baby nursery. And don’t forget to share with a friend.

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